Wednesday, May 26, 2010

New Suggestion Box Added

I've added a suggestion box in the side bar if you feel like leaving a quick suggestion. I look at every suggestion, and so far the new version will have every suggestion so far. Please keep them coming!

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  1. Hi there...My suggestion is to use key functions on the keyboard as an option for selecting notes. For example if the note is F you hit the F key, If the note is F# You'd hit the F key and the UP ARROW at the same time, If the note is Fb you'd hit the F key and the DOWN ARROW at the same time. I know that it wont determine what octave the note will be but it will still identify the note and you wont have to look down every time. If your eyes stay on the screen the memory process will be much more efficient. If it can be another option alongside using the mouse it would be useful I think. Cheers... (also if it were simple to plug a midi keyboard into a simple midi interface and actually play the keys that would be the most efficient option but i imagine that would be difficult to program and make user friendly...Thanks for listening to my suggestion.