Friday, February 26, 2010

The next version

It's not here yet...

I know many of you are eager to try out the next version of FastKeys, but you will have to wait a bit longer. I am making great progress, but there are still a few more features and a couple of bugs that I need to add before I enter the testing stage. I'm about to start Uni, so I won't have as much time to spend developing, but hopefully I will allocate time to the project every week. My next set of holidays aren't until around July, so that is probably the earliest that I am hoping to release it.

I started the new version from scratch, because I had to use Java in order to add Midi support, but it was worth it! It's looking good so far, and running quite well.

If you want to stay informed, I've set up a Facebook page that I will keep updated with my progress. You can also check out some screenshots and give some feedback.
You can access this page from the side bar on the right.

You can still play version 2 by clicking on the "Play" tab at the top of the page.

Thank you all for your support so far!


  1. Dude, adding midi is just what i asked for, i kept your page bookmarked and would accidentally click it to read on your updates. Im well happy you got so far. Im a computer science student so i can sympathize with the effort put into it. nice one :)

  2. Not yet I'm afraid. I will have a solid month to work on it in July. Hopefully I will have a somewhat working game by then.